tonguepunching... as soon as i heard that expression i knew i had to use it.
 look everybody, he's wearing two ties!
No I didn't go to the gym, screw all of you!
those books were a good 5 minutes of fun
I'm having a full bodied glass of melancholy with my souffle.
Hercules killed Chuck Norris's dog. Chuck just said "That's cool, man"
A day will come when the undead will do the booty circle
Thought of the day: Pineapple lumps provide 50% of your fibre needs for the day.
Sooo, I'm starting this blog because this is only way people can subscribe to updates whenever I update this site. You can subscribe by clicking on the RSS feed button on the right. No , other right. I've got no idea how it works but I'm hoping you do. You can comment on any of the strips here, since what I'll be doing is posting the title of whatever strip I've uploaded. So feel free to give me your pearls of wisdom.

I added the No exceptions one today so if you wanted to say anything about that, you can do that here.